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Covid 19 Guidance

Please read our guidance on regulations during the Covid 19 outbreak.

If your business is getting ready to return, we have up-to date guidance to support you.

To support the safe return to work, we are offering a series of sector based webinars. These will give you the opportunity to catch up on the latest advice and put questions to our expert panel. This could be on a range of regulatory matters covering coronavirus safety, fire, health and safety, T&Cs and food safety.

Use the links below to find out more about these webinars including how to rewatch them or how to register.

We can help you save time, money and get it right first time

Our Hub advisors will provide you with direction, support and excellent customer service on regulatory matters for your business. We can get access to the experts you may require for the right advice, and help build the bridge between your business and regulators to make life easier for you.

Impact of Brexit on business

Businesses will not need to follow new processes during the transition period to trade with the EU, regulations will stay the same, and you can continue to apply for European Funding. Businesses may need to take steps to prepare for changes at the end of the transition period. From 1 January 2021 you will need to make customs declarations to move goods into and out of the EU. You should:

Better Business for All

Our business regulatory support service is part of an initiative called Better Business For All which is a partnership between businesses and local authority regulatory services to promote growth and high standards

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