Last updated: 15/10/2020

Local authorities

Are you a local authority? 

Sustainable Regulatory Solutions (SRS) is a framework created by Cornwall Council. We have hosted the framework for other councils to adopt. SRS aims to help you;

  • maintain and improve service delivery
  • support businesses and,
  • encourage compliance.

SRS will not only give local authorities the opportunity to recover delivery costs. It will also increase business compliance results. It can reduce inspection times, costs and demand for funded regulatory activities. This results in a prioritised and resilient sustainable delivery model.

SRS encourages business to seek compliance from regulators.

  • We have tailored the solution to meet business needs and goals. 
  • Officers deliver it in a friendly, simple and helpful manner. 
  • All at a time and format that suits businesses.

SRS will help improve your business-regulator relationships. It can save businesses time and money by helping them ‘get it right first time’.

SRS gives local authority staff the ability to carry out their enforcement responsibilities. This supports the implementation of prioritisation systems and encourages customer service skill development.

By adopting the SRS framework, local authorities can earn recognition for their use of cutting edge and innovative regulatory services.

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