Last updated: 13/01/2020

NOISE Direct

The Environmental Health NOISE team supports you by offering a range of advice services in respect of noise from your business.

Who is it for?

Our NOISE advice services will be of particular interest to those businesses whose proposed activities are likely to produce levels of noise that may impact upon those living and working in the community, and will include:

  • Premises licence applicants and festival/event organisers¬†
  • Planning applicants

What do we offer?

  • NOISE Direct (Licensing) provides advice and assistance to help you with your premises licence application, when describing the measures you will take to promote the Prevention of Public Nuisance licensing objective.
  • NOISE Direct (Planning) is a flexible service for developers, applicants and agents seeking pre-application consultee advice on environmental health (noise) matters linked to the planning process.

How will it help you?

The benefits of our NOISE Direct advice services include:

  • Save time and resources: aim to get it right first time
  • Demonstrating environmental responsibility
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Developing positive relationships

Impartiality statement

We operate impartially and free from conflicts of interest. Businesses should be aware that other sources of professional advice are available elsewhere and businesses are not obligated to take up the services offered by Cornwall Council. We encourage businesses to make their own investigations with alternative providers to ensure they obtain the best value for those services.