Last updated: 21/11/2019

Trading Standards Advice

Our Trading Standards advice products will help you comply with a variety of consumer protection laws. Whatever your business, we can help and support you to build customer confidence.

Scale Testing

What we offer:

Trading Standards Assured

A comprehensive and tailored audit covering all aspects of Trading Standards law. It covers:

  • legal requirements
  • systems and;
  • processes that can provide the assurance that you’ve done what you can to stay compliant.

An experienced and qualified Trading Standards Officer will deliver an on-site audit. They will give you practical advice, appropriate to the size of your business. They will write all this up in a simple and easy to understand report.

As an added benefit, we have access to national consumer complaint data. We can use this to help understand the key areas of concern affecting customers in your sector.

Labelling laws have recently changed

Since 13th Dec 2016, food labellers are required to include a nutritional calculation per 100g. You must provide calculations in this order;

  • energy value
  • fat
  • saturates
  • carbohydrate
  • sugars
  • protein and;
  • salt (usually in tabular form).

Please note that there are exemptions for certain products and businesses. Please contact us for further information.

We are now able to help you label your food with the nutritional information you now need to provide through Nutritics. If you would like more information or your labels checked, please contact us.

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What issues we can cover:

  • Distance selling rules for online sales
  • Consumer rights / Terms and Conditions
  • Product safety, labelling and traceability (manufacturing/importation)
  • Food labelling, allergens, nutritional declarations, composition, traceability
  • Feeding stuff production (including HACCP)
  • Motor vehicle sales, servicing and repairs
  • Estate agency and lettings
  • Public houses, restaurants, hotels, catering
  • Weights and measures (average quantity, scales, weighbridges, petrol pumps etc.).

Who is it for?

Any business, regardless of sector or size. Aspects of trading standards law affect most business types, no matter what the size or scale.

This service will be of particular interest to:

  • small or medium food producers
  • motor traders and;
  • businesses involved in importing or manufacturing heavily regulated goods. This is due to the complexity of the law in these areas. 

What else does it offer?

There are a number of other services that can be included as part of the TS Assured service for an additional fee. These include:

  • Submission of food samples for analysis, with support to interpret the results
  • Submission of products for safety testing against British and European standards
  • Testing of specific weights and measures equipment.
  • HACCP audit, training and plan creation (for animal feed hygiene).

Trading Standards Bite-sized

This is a 30 minute time slot where you can get access to an experienced Trading Standards professional to deal with your queries. If you have a new food label for your latest product, want advice on what warning indications are required for toys, then we can often deal with your enquiry in one of our bite sized advice slots.

  • We tailor the advice provided to your specific requirements
  • We'll only cover what you need to know
  • We'll communicate by e mail to ensure advice is in writing for your records.  

How will Trading Standards Advice help you?

  • Reduce the cost of dealing with unhappy customers and avoid costly legal action
  • Enhance customer confidence in your business and the products or services you offer
  • Avoid costly systems and processes that go further than the law requires
  • Get practical and professional advice directly from those responsible for enforcing the law. 

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